My experience with South Korean

Let me tell you a story actually its dairy about my experience with South Korean as South Korea is one of the economical powerful country and its people are very kind in nature. On 3rd May 2010, four members of South Korean Visited AMTRON for Pilot Project name BPL   (Broadband through Power Line) at Sualkucki which is funded by ABD. They are from Xeline Co. Ltd, South Korea, four members are Miss Leena Lee (Marketing), Mr Elis Lee (Chief Engineer), Mr Woo young Kim (Engineer) and Young Lee (Engineer). As their name is so tongue twisted as its better to remember last name as its easy to recall. At first I feel difficult in communication with them as in South Korea, English is not used and is not mandatory. But alas Miss Leena know English better than the rest and she is our main translator between South Korean team & AMTRON. They are simple who know value of respect and are very hard working people thats why they made their country as one of the most technology advanced. They like our dishes but with little spicy as  they eat less spicy and their dish is complete boil & sauce. They are quick learner that they become easily cope up  our language say Namamkar, Ki Khobar?, Tumar log bhal lagi etc and in the same way they teach us their language like Kasma Hamnida (Thank you), Palie palie (Hurry), ect ( sorry tongue twisted as its hard to write spelling). We enjoy a lots as they stay with us for month and its most elegant moments, we become friend with them and learn lots of their beautiful culture, tradition, recipe, places of interest etc. One fact about them they like sanke recipe dont know why but they invite me to South Korea to taste their recipe as its safe to taste there better than here and I gonna taste that if my mom will? On 7th June its was last day that we really enjoy with them as they are leaving South Korea and remain me as good friend and show lots of respect & love.

Now,let me tell you that World is indeed very beautiful & I love the people. Thank to the Globalization. We all live one village  thats World.

–Bahniman Das

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