Organic Package of Practices crop Lemon of Assam, 2019

Organic Package of Practices crop Lemon of Assam, 2019

Cultivar : Assam lemon (standing crop)
Spacing: 3mX 3m
No. of plants:1111 per hectare
Nutrient Management:

  • Vermi compost @ 4 Kg/plant before flowering
  • Wood ash @ 5 Kg/plant before flowering
  • Neemcake @3 Kg/plant in two splits March/April and September/October
  • Green manuring with Dhaincha: Dhaincha seeds are to be sown between rows of Assam lemon plants and incorporated into the soil after sufficient growth.

Insect pest Management:
Aphids, whiteflies :
– 4 Kg tobacco leaves + twigs boiled in 40 litres of water for 40 minutes. On cooling 1 Kg of soap is mixed well. This stock is to be diluted 7-8 times and sprayed.
Leaf miner:
– Spray neem oil @10 ml/litre ofwater at bud burst stage and repeat after 10 days. If infestation is severe prune the infected branches. Spraying of Biotime (mixture of P.fluorescence, T. viride and M. anisopliae) @ 0.2% is also against citrus leaf miner.
Bark eating caterpillar:

  • Apply Bordeaux paste on the trunk upto a height of 60 cm during winter and early summer.
  • Insert cotton soaked in kerosene or petrol in the tunnel and plug with mud.
  • Keep the trunk are clean.

Disease Management:
Damping off, Root and Collar rot:
– Avoid injuries to trunk and root
Powdery mildew:
– Prune water shoots regularly
Citrus Canker:

  • Prune and destroy infected twigs
  • Control leaf mine.
  • Spray Biotime (mixture of P. fluorescence, T. viride and M. anisopliae) @ 0.2%.

Harvesting :
After second year of planting the plants start bearing. Bearing od Assam lemon is continuous throughout the year. Harvesting should be done when the fruits are fully matured. Peak period of bearing is July to September



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