Majuli University of Culture

The Majuli University of Culture, Majuli, shall engage itself for study and cultivation of the various dimensions of culture and civilization with an objective of promoting them to the level of an excellent and competitive order. Covering all aspects of culture within its ambit the University is destined to be a multidisciplinary institution of higher education with necessary emphasis on the vocational and professional side of learning, and high-quality research and training to make education a tool of social development and economic independence.

The University plans to grow as a non-affiliating multidisciplinary higher educational institution with specialization in the studies and research in culture and cultural heritage of India with an objective of making it gradually a University of Category 1 as defined in the New Education Policy of India.

Schools of Study: Subject to change and modifications the University starts with the following Faculties/Schools:

1.Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,
2.Faculty of Performing, Visual and Applied Arts,
3.Faculty of Language and Literature, and
4.Faculty of Yoga and Traditional Indian Medicinal Systems and
5.Faculty of Design and Architecture

1.Faculty of Visual and Performing Arts
2.Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
3.Faculty of Language and Literature
4.Faculty of Yoga and Indian Traditional Medicinal Systems


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