Fish with Tengamora Xaak | Tenga Mora Xaakor Tenga Anja, টেঙামৰা শাকৰ টেঙা আঞ্জা

Tengamora xaak/Mesta tenga (As.& Bodo)Roselle in english)leaves have an earthly and unique sourness

Chicken (meetha) Pot Roast, Special Eid Recipe in Assam

Pot roast requires slow cooking over low heat to ensure tender and flavorful meat.Here is a…

Pepper Fish cooked in Banana leaves

Patot diya generally refers to food wrapped in banana leaves and then grilled or steamed.There are

Red Lentils with baby tomatoes-Kon bilahi Diya Dail,Assamese Dish

Most Assamese love a simple meal consisting of lentils ,rice and a mash(bhaat,dal aru pitika) alon

Dal Gosht/mutton with lentils

var infolink_pid = 20648; var infolink_wsid = 1; A spicy mutton curry with lentils. PR

Mizo Fish Recipe, Poora Mach, North East Food Cuisine

Mizoram Food Recipe. Poora mach ---- Ingredient--- 1) 250 gm boneless fish 2) 2 tsp white…

Masur Dailor Borar Tenga মচুৰ দাইলৰ বৰৰ টেঙা

1. Soak 2 cups of masur dal for an hour. 2. Coarsely grind the dal,add salt…

Assamese Coconut Laddu, Dessert Recipe, Narikolor Laru-নাৰিকলৰ লাড়ু

Assamese food Narikolor laru --- ( coconut laddu) ( for 30 no) ingrediant --- 1) fresh…

Ul kosu/Elephant foot yam pickle

Ul kosu/Elephant Yam -1 Turmeric Powder – 1/2 tsp Lemon juice 4 tbsp Salt – 1…

Chicken and Papaya Curry ,Assamese Cuisine Foods and Cooking Recipes

Green papaya contain enzymes called papain and chymopapain which is said to aid digestion,prevents

Bengena Pura aru Hah koni(a kind of Assamese baigan bharta)

1. Two duck egg 2. 2 big brinjal 3. 1 finely chopped onion 4. 2 finely…

Belahi aru Maasor Tenga বিলাহী আৰু মাছৰ টেঙা

Sour Fish Curry with tomatoes, বিলাহী আৰৃ মাছৰ টেঙা Tenga is a