Baked Fish intestines with rice flour

Masor petu pithagurir logot patot diya. [  মাছৰ পেতু পিথাগুৰিৰ

Masor petu pithagurir logot patot diya. [  মাছৰ পেতু পিঠাগুৰিৰ লগত পাতত দিয়া]

Clean , wash and finely chop petu of 1 fresh fish. Add pithaguri(riceflour), salt, mustard oi​l. chopped green chilies, few pods of garlic chopped, chopped onion, few maan dhania leaves to the petu and mix well to form a soft dough. Wrap this dough in a banana leaf and bake in a preheated tawa with a cover until done from all sides. Cut into small pieces and serve with rice.

Binita Borah

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