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Ghilamara Town High School is a well known name in the field of secondary education which was establ

Ghilamara Town High School is a well known name in the field of secondary education which was established in 1982. It has a big campus with almost sufficient student, teachers, employees, 7560 sq. feet Assam type building, and other infrastructural facilities. Initially there was a ME school which was established in 1979. With the help of the ME school, the High school was established in the heart of Ghilamara in Lakhimpur district. As per Govt. of Assam vide order no-EPG 567/01/115 dated 16/11/1991 Ghilamara Town High School was provincial zed w.e.f. the 19th November /1991 and amalgamated with Ghilamara Town ME School w.e.f. the 1st August /2000.The guardians, well-wishers and other people of vast backward and rural locality have been trying to up-grade the High School to 10+2 stage school and necessary arrangement were taken for the purpose since 1998.

Ghilamara Town High School intends to equip the learners of the this rural backward area with sound theoretical, practical, moral and spiritual knowledge so that they may equip for the need and competition of modern science and technology of 21st century. The school is able to show a satisfactory performance in sports and academic field of secondary education. In last three consecutive years 100% student passed in H.S.L.C. Examination, for which the Govt. of Assam recognized Ghilamara Town High School as the “Best distinguish performance school” of Assam. In 2011 Ghilamara Town High School got a chaque of Rs.5,00,000/ (Rupees five lakhs) as distinguish performance school grant for infrastructure development of the school.

The school authorities (with the help of Guardian, students, teachers and other well-wishers) are trying to improve the school for better up-liftmen of human resources of this rural, backward and flood affected area. Ghilamara Town High strongly believes that it will attain its ultimate aim in future.

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