Doul Govinda Mandir, দৌলগোবিন্দ North Guwahati

Dol Govinda Mandir8 years ago ago by shyamal baruah.
One of the famous temple of Assam, Doul G

One of the famous temple of Assam, Doul Govinda Mandir is situated at North Guwahati . Mainly Lord Krishna worshiped in this temple. On the month of February in every year ,Holly festival has observed by the local people for five days with various programme. Now a days about five thousand Pilgrims are always assembled at the Mandir premises. Special Ferry service also available to the temple from Guwahati to Rajaduar in any time.

There are many starling sales about this deity and how ‘He’ was brought here by late Ganga Ram Barooa from a deserted place called Sandhyasar near Nalbari. It was to be renamed as Doul Govinda in a different ‘unbelievable’ but true background about , 150 years ago and now a fine temple was erected by raising public donations in 1966..

Every morning the doors of the Lord’s temple are opened by about 7 O’ clock. Archana (worshipping rituals) are performed by the priest after giving bath of Lord. Devotees start collecting in the Mandir premise by about 8 O’clock. They all stand in queue with ChakiesDhup sticks (smelling sticks) waiting for own turn to enter into temple in small batches of people. Before being in the queue they light the lamps with ghee, and dhup sticks on an altar specially allotted for this purpose. (earthen lamps) and

After bowing down before Lord and having Darshna of the Lord’s serene look and getting blessings as chanted by the priests receiving Nirmali and Pad jol, a pilgrim comes out to take his seat in rows along with other devotees in open hall. At noon , the priest offers to Lord, Bhoga (rice boiled in milk with sugar, kismis etc) and comes out of the Mandir closing the doors. The priest then prostrates just outside the temple, when Daba (a big conical drum) is beaten assompanied with beating of bell blowing of conck , all the devotees bow down their heads to Lord from their sits at the hour of offering of Bhoga. When such rituals are over , volunteers of the temple Management start distributing Prasada followed by Bhoga among the devotees in open hall, which i the devotees take with great reverence to Lord Doul Govinda. A good number of devotees contribute to the temple Management to offer Bhoga and Sarai on their behalf with or without craving. Such devotees get some amount of Bhoga for taking home from the counter .The devotees having dispersed, the doors of the Mandir are closed in the afternoon to be opened in the evening for Arati singing of devotional songs. Thereafter the Mandir remains closed for Lord’s retiring for rest.


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