KARBI YOUTH FESTIVAL : Reclaiming Identity

(Recognized as the North-eastern India’s Largest Ethnic Festival, it features over 500 entertainers on 5 stages during its annual 5-day run in mid February. The festival features national and regional musical entertainment, more then 5 lakhs people, over 45 food vendors, stalls & exhibition, fun shopping and much more! ) -by RANJAN ENGTI

The year was 1974. The Venue: Diphu Karbi Club. A handful of Karbi Youth got together to organize,for the first time in the headquarter town of Diphu a Youth Festival,til then never thought of by others. Initially it was small festival. But within a few years it became a major incident in Karbi Anglong as well as in Northeast and looking back one finds the Karbi Youth Festival has not only become an annual event which the entire Karbi Anglong looks forward to,but also a forum to determine and redefine Karbi Art and Culture from a new and progressive viewpoint.

Three years after the first festival was organised was born the KARBI CULTURAL SOCIETY, on January 30,1977. and since then the responsibility of organising this festival was passed on from the hands of a few enthusiastic youth to a body representing the entire Karbi people.

Karbi Youth Festival is a celebration of Karbi heritage and culture held on the beautiful and evergreen Taralangso near Diphu as its permanent venue.An area of 1086 bigha was selected as for the permanent festival site and two stages built on greek model,have been constructed at this site,which have been named SING MIRJENG and LONG MIRJENG.This facility apart,the green surrounding of the cultural complex hs a series of highly raised bamboo and thatched Chang-Ghars depicting the typical houses of Karbi people.The week long festival there not only attracts a cross section of people from all over the Karbi Hills, but also from all over India and even outside. Since its inception in 1974, the festivals mission has been to promote and share the culture and heritage of all people of karbi descent with the global community.

Karbi Youth Festival is not only an entertaining event but an educational experience. Come and explore the cultural village, sample a variety of ethnic foods, shop around the Marketplace, let the kids play in the Children’s Village and enjoy lots of great entertainment.

Our festival honors culture, tradition, and family. Karbi Youth Festival encourages individuals from all ethnic backgrounds to share in the beauty of Karbis’ rich history, art, music and foods
Each day of KYF is a unique and unforgettable experience. Come together to enjoy all of these great Special Attractions!

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