Yogurt Chicken/ Dahi Murg

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A dish from northern India

Yogurt Chicken or Dahi Murg, a dish from northern India

COOKING TIME:- 60 mins
SERVING:- 4pax


1)800 g       ——- Chicken pieces
2)1 cup        ——- Plain yogurt
3)2 nos        ——- Green chilly (chopped)
4)2 tbsp       ——- Chopped coriander
5)1 tbsp       ——- Chopped ginger
6)11/2 tbsp ——- Chopped garlic
7)1/4 cup     ——- Butter
8) —               ——- Salt (to taste)


* Prick the chicken pieces with a fork and keep it aside.

* In a small bowl combine salt, chili, yogurt,coriander, ginger and garlic and mix well. Pour it over the chicken and refrigerate it for 6 hours or overnight.

* To cook chicken pre heat oven to 400 F.

* Pour half the melted butter into a roasting pan,and put the chicken into pan and pour the yogurt mixture on top of it. Roast it in the oven for 20 mins.

* Then lower the heat to 350F and continue roasting basting frequently with the remaining butter for 30 mins or until the chicken is done.

* Remove chicken and place it over a serving platter. Pour sauce over chicken and serve immediately.



* This may be done without a oven in a non-sticky pan too as well as in a kadhai but better to use a non-sticky pan to avoid sticking of the chicken at the bottom of the kadhai.

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