BPF, Bodoland People’s Front

We, the members of Bodoland Peoples Front or BPF shall bear true faith and allegiance to the const

We, the members of Bodoland Peoples Front or BPF shall bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of India as established by law and to the principles of democracy, socialism and secularism as enshrined in the Indian Constitution, and also solemnly affirm our commitment to work for upholding the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India and also international understanding and emphasise on the development of scientific temper, providing social justice to all, and specially to women, children, old, physically challenged, weaker sections of the society, promotion of education, safe guarding of cultural heritages of all and thereby to bring all round development of all sections of people of Bodoland as well as Assam.


(a) To work for the sovereignty and integrity of the country based on democracy, socialism and secularism.
(b) To work for the political rights, economic development and social justice to all.
(c) To make Bodoland a model and self-sufficient by influencing the state Govt. of Assam and the Govt. of India to explore the abundant natural resources like water, forest, minerals and human resources.
(d) To work to free nationalism from the prejudices of castes, religions and languages to stand by the principles of co-operation, trust, tolerance, fraternity and co-existence.
(e) To influence the Govt. of Assam, the Govt. of India and the national and international financial and industrial institutions to utilize their capacities to invest for the all round economic development of Bodoland.
(f) To bring reforms in the field of education to suit present conditions.
(g) To implement the Bodo Accord signed by B.L.T., Assam Govt. and the Govt. of India in letter and spirit as soon as possible with co-operations from all concerned.


(a) To build up Bodoland a Model one
(b) To bring Peace, Unity among diversity
(c) To develop Bodoland along the rest of the country
(d) To provide social justice to all specially to women, children, old, physically challenged and weaker sections of the society.
(e) To promote education, game & sports.
(f) To provide safe guard the cultural heritages of all.

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