Gyan Vigyan Samiti Assam

Gyan Vigyan Samiti Assam was established in 1990 as an organ of the Assam Science Society, one of

Gyan Vigyan Samiti Assam was established in 1990 as an organ of the Assam Science Society, one of the premier NGOs of India (Established 1953), Guwahati, to formulate and conduct a Total Literacy Campaign in 7 Development Blocks in 6 districts of Assam. Having successfully completed the same, the Society decided to register Gyan Vigyan Samiti Assam under the Societies Registration Act / 1980 (21) in 1994 (vide its Registration No. 1516 of 1994-95)

Assam Science Society was started in 1953 to popularise science in Assam. Then in 1990, the Society formed the Gyan Vigyan Samiti to eradicate illiteracy from Assam. Then with the help of voluntary organisations, institutions and public cooperation, formed Gyan Vigyan Samiti at district levels. In order to create an environment for literacy and to identify activists and organisations, the Gyan Vigyan Kalajatra Campaign was started on 2nd October in 1990 for one month.

“Literacy is an essential instrument for all social change.”, stated a UNESCO declaration in 1975. India has been a land of learning through the ages. However, the ancient education was linked closely with religion and was not universal. The village priest imparted education to rich people of the village. Pathsalas, Toles, Moktabs, Madrassas, Montessories and the Church-Schools in the later periods were the institutions for imparting education.
The Satra institution initiated by Sankardeva during the 15th century contributed considerably to the spread of learning and education in medieval Assam. All principal Satras were the educational and cultural centres of Assam. This led to the establishment of NAMGHARS, the cultural centre in every village of Assam. The Namghars are democratic centres too. There is no caste restriction regarding the entrance to the Namghars.



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