Gahorir hoite gaanj tenga  ( A delicious hot and sour item from the Assamese Kitchen of Northea

 Gahorir hoite gaanj tenga  ( A delicious hot and sour item from the Assamese Kitchen of Northeast India)

PREPARATION TIME:- 15- 20 mins
COOKING TIME :- 30 mins
SERVING :- 4 pax


1) 1 Kg    ——– Fresh pork meat ( cut into small pieces)
2) 8 nos   ——- Dried red chillies ( made into paste)
3) 1 inch    —— Ginger
4) 8 flakes —— Garlic
5) 150 gm ——- Bamboo shoot (grated)
6) 2 nos     ——- Onions
7) 1 bunch ——- Coriander leaves
8) —             ——- Salt to taste


* Make a course paste of ginger and garlic together and keep it aside.

* Cut onions in thin slices.

* Now put a wide pressure cooker on stove and heat it in medium flame, when its hot add some fats pieces of pork and stir until oil comes out from the fat pieces.

* Once sufficient amount of oil comes out, put the cut onions in the cooker and stir fry them till they become golden brown.

* Then put the rest of the pork in the cooker and increase the flame.

* Once oil starts coming out reduce the flame and put the ginger garlic paste and mix nicely with the meat, cover the cooker and leave it for 2-3 minutes.

* Uncover the cooker and put the red chilly paste and keep frying them for sometime and then put the lid back and let it cook on low heat.

* Once the meat is somewhat cooked, put the bamboo shoots in the cooker and mix them with the meat by stirring, cover the lid and cook for 5 mins.

* Add salt and water and increase the flame.

* Once the curry starts boiling, put the lid clipped on the cooker and let pressure cook it for 5/6 whistles.

* Remove and serve with rice garnished with chopped coriander leaves.

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