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Assam HSLC Examination Result 2011,SEBA,Board of Secondary Education Assam

The Assam Secondary Education Act, 1961 (Assam Act, XXV of 1961) was passed to provide for…

Earthquake Warning for Northeast India |Guwahati,Assam,Next quake ?

Earthquake Warning for Northeast India Scientists fear that a big earthquake is brewing and might h


Q1 Tell me about yourself ?Q2 What are your greatest strengths?Q3 What are your greatest weaknesses?

Linux YUM Tutorial

Evolution of YUM yum is command line package management utility for Redhat like systems or more

ISDN, Integrated Services Digital Network

Introduction ISDN, which stands for Integrated Services Digital Network, is a system of digital

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Q1- Describe the principles of OOPS?  There are three main principals of oops which are called…

Applets and the World Wide Web

Today internet has become an inevitable part of life. It is used for accessing libraries, getting…

Compiling Linux 2.6 kernel from source

In my last post , we had seen how to upgrade the Linux kernel  using YUM…

How to check whether a CPU is 64 bit or 32 bit in Unix

Determine whether a CPU has 64 bit capability or not . We know about uname command…

System Design

System design is a solution how to approach to the creation of a new system. This…