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Ramdev was born as ‘Ramkishan Yadav’ in Alipur, in the Mahendragarh district of Indian state of Ha

Ramdev was born as ‘Ramkishan Yadav’ in Alipur, in the Mahendragarh district of Indian state of Haryana. He attended school through the eighth grade in Shahjadpur. Thereafter, he joined a yogic monastery (gurukul) in Khanpur village to study Sanskrit and Yoga. Eventually, he renounced worldly life and entered into Sanyas (monastic living) – taking the name Swami Ramdev.

In 1995, Ramdev established Divya Yoga Mandir Trust with Acharya Karamveer and Acharya Balkrishna. Acharya Karmaveer is well-versed in Yoga and Veda while Acharya Balkrishna is a physician with a degree in Ayurveda.

He has also founded the Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust, an institution for treatment and research in Yoga and Ayurveda, in Haridwar. The trust provides several free services to all visitors.

His first move to prominence came in 2003, when spiritual channel Aastha TV began featuring him in its daily morning yoga slot. Within years, he had gathered a cult following.

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With rapid popularity came controversies. In 2006, CPM politburo member Brinda Karat alleged that the medicine made at his ashram had bone powder. Lab tests found the claim unfounded. Ramdev’s medicine only became more popular.

No one knows Baba Ramdev’s net worth but speculations have often pegged it to several hundred crores.
The celebrity guru is linked to an impressive Rs 1000-plus crore empire of yoga centres, hospitals and spas across the world in less than 15 years.
It is said that he is planning a Rs 100-crore dream project, Patanjali Yog Peeth at Bahadrabad, a sort of a Yoga University, about 20km from Haridwar.
Sale of Ramdev’s ayurvedic medicines is worth Rs 300 crores a year; sale of his books and CDs fetch Rs 25 to 30 crore.
In 2011, Ramdev has acquired an unprecedented position – a powerful civil society voice who has the government worried.

Anti Corruption Movement ,hunger strike against corruption

Baba Ramdev, has been demanding that the government should bring in legislation to repatriate the alleged black money stashed in foreign bank accounts and declare it as national wealth. “I will go on my fast… We do not have any secret, underground, communal or political agenda. The only agenda is national interest,” he said

His other proposals to combat graft include introducing the death penalty for corrupt officials and withdrawing large-denomination Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 bank notes, which he says are used for illicit transactions.


# Anna Hazare announced that he will take part in Ramdev’s movement against black money and corruption. 

# The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, had on Tuesday appealed to Baba Ramdev not to go ahead with his hunger strike plan, but failed to convince him.

# Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is under attack from the Shiv Sena again, this time for his criticism of yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s proposed hunger strike against corruption

# Ramlila ground,New Delhi  gets ready for Ramdev’s fast.

# “On June 4, there will be a satyagraha (protest fast) in Ramlila Maidan as well as in 624 districts across the country as crores of people want the country to be rid of black money, corruption and demand a change in system,” he said. 

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