Magic Surf Broadband (AMTRON Broadband)

Executive Summary

Metro Ethernet Access Service, A service-first approach in metro and long-haul

Executive Summary

Metro Ethernet Access Service, A service-first approach in metro and long-haul networks leads to greater customer satisfaction. Demand for bandwidth in the metropolitan-area network (MAN or metro) is exploding, the result of data-intensive applications, new business models that rely on the Internet, and population growth. Increasingly, service providers are meeting that demand with Metro Ethernet Access Services, which are based on Ethernet, IP, and optical technologies. Compared to fixed bandwidth facilities, Metro Ethernet Access Services provide more bandwidth, the ability to provision bandwidth in flexible increments, and better support for converged voice, video, and data services.

‘Magic Surf ‘Broadband is one of the major Internet service provider (ISP) by AMTRON. Its first implemented in the year 2002 and the project of Magic Surf was initialized by the Managing Director of AMTRON Mr. M. K. Yadava. At first Magic Surf was luanched only in Guwahati city by using DSNL (Direct Swift Network Link) for Data Transmission and at that time its bandwidth capacity was 512 Kbps. In the year 2005 its implemented the use of OFC (Opital Fiber cable). But with time it had modified a lot with the increse its bandwidth from 512 Kbps to 45 Mbps. Nowaday the service of Magic Surf is not limited in Guwahati only but had reached in most of the part of Assam. Very soon more cities & towns are to have the service of Magic Surf broadband within a short span of time. The tariff of Magic Surf is pre-paid basic depending upon usgage of MB. Its has lot of packages depending on the data transfer (Size of MB) & bandwidth allocation and its prices started from Rs 221/- per month to Rs 6000/- per month (Includes taxes).

Value Added Service

o VoIP over Ethernet, such as voice tie lines, IP PBX interconnection, and business voice services.
o Video streaming over Ethernet services, such as video multicasting on demand,Video conferencing.
o IP VPN Connectivity to Branch Offices.
o Security Services such as Managed Firewall and Intrusion Detection Services.
o Data Center Connectivity and Managed Hosting.

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