General Information of selection process for most of the IT companies.

Written Test

The test topics and weightage given for each of the subject tested varies between t

Written Test

The test topics and weightage given for each of the subject tested varies between the companies. The aim is to select the candidates with good aptitude that includes C aptitude and general aptitude. The written test generally consists of 50 questions divided into 6 sections to be completed in 40 minutes. The questions are technical based. You can expect to be tested on DBMS, C++, C, Unix, Java, Networking and Operating System. The test is a multiple based one and is not tough. The questions can be answered easily in 40 minutes provided you have some knowledge about the subjects.


The test is followed by a Technical and possibly a HR interview. Performance in interview is crucial in the selection process because it is where you are evaluated fully and final decision is made on your selection. The technical interview is highly specialized and covers almost all subjects you have done in your curriculum. However one is required to name his/her favorite subject on which most of the interview is focused. For Computer Engineers C, Operating Systems, DBMS, Microprocessors are mostly focused upon. Electronics Engineers are grilled upon DL, Microprocessors and Communications.

Good skills in general aptitude are a must to pass the written test, and to face the interview. You can perform better if you prepare well to improve this aptitude. Both short and long term preparation shall be useful.

Mental Preparation

Mental preparation plays a vital role in the placements. The basic and most important point to be noted is that ypu should have the confidence of getting selected. Build a positive self image and project the best in you.

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