The Institute of Science and Technology (IST) was set up at the university campus in 2009 to enhan

The Institute of Science and Technology (IST) was set up at the university campus in 2009 to enhance quality and innovation in science education. The Programmes currently being offered by the Institute are the four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Programmes, and the two-year M.Tech. Programmes.

In addition, keeping in view the University Grants Commission’s agenda on the matter, and looking at the current challenges and needs, our University decided to start the B.Tech. Programmes in select disciplines from 2009. It is our earnest hope that these efforts will help to narrow down the gap between Science and Technology. Towards this end, the B.S. and the B.Tech. Programmes have been planned with common courses between them. There is also a provision to switch from a B.Tech. Programme to a B.S. Programme (but not vice versa), under certain conditions. These programmes are, moreover, intended for those students who are likely to opt for higher studies and research, and have been designed for such a purpose.

Furthermore, in order to improve the potential for employment, where it is preferred to have knowledge of more than one subject, we have introduced a system of dual degrees (B.S.+M.B.A.; B.Tech.+M.B.A.) for the benefit of the students enrolling into these programmes.

The progression to higher studies and research in Science and Technology will be facilitated by the Masters and Research programmes in different disciplines. Two M.Tech. Programmes have already been started. M.Tech. in Electronics Communication and Technology (ECT) was introduced in 2009 and M.Tech. in Information Technology (IT) was introduced in the year 2010.

Gauhati University’s move to introduce the B.S. Programme in 2009 is in line with the joint proposal of three of India’s largest associations of scientists, namely, the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and the National Academy of Science, Allahabad, to introduce major changes in University Science Education. The three apex science bodies have recommended that a four-year B.S. Programme be introduced to allow for greater freedom in subject choices, long denied to students across India.

Director Incharge:

* Prof. Pranayee Datta


* Biotechnology and Bioengineering : Prof. Mohan Chandra Kalita
* Computer and Information Technology : Prof. Shikhar Kr. Sarma
* Electronics and Communication Engineering : Mr. Kandarpa Kr. Sarma
* Chemical Science : Prof. Chitrani Medhi
* Mathematical Science : Prof. Helen K. Saikia
* Physical Science : Prof. Pranayee Datta

Coordinators of Administration and Logistics:

* Prof. Pranayee Datta
* Prof. Dibakar Ch. Deka
* Prof. Pratap J. Handique
* Prof. Shikhar Kr. Sarma

Convenor-Academic Committees:

* B.Tech.- Prof. Anjana Kakati Mahanta
* B.S. – Prof. Chitrani Medhi


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