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The Modern age of Educational History in Assam began with the annexation of Assam with the British

The Modern age of Educational History in Assam began with the annexation of Assam with the British Empire in accordance with the treaty of “Yandabu” in 1826. According to the report of late W. Robinson, who was appointed the first Inspector of Schools in 1840 for the Brahmaputra valley a deplorable condition of the indigenous educational institutions prevailed in 1841 and through the efforts of government and other agencies new initiatives were taken to open new schools. By 1875, the number of educational institutions for General Education rose to 1,293 with an enrolment of 31,462.

It is after the Independence in 1947, that a rapid expansion took place in the field of education. In the post Independence period the major concern of Government of India and of the states was to give increasing attention to education as a factor, vital to national progress and security. Problem of educational reforms and reconstruction were reviewed by various commissions and committees. In the later part of the last century Policy on Education (1986) has been adopted at the national level.

Mandate of Higher Education

The Directorate of Higher Education caters to the Universities, Government Colleges, Non-Govt. (Provincialised) colleges, Ad-hoc Colleges, Affiliated Colleges, Ad-hoc Law Colleges, Asom Publication Board, ABILAC, Literary & Voluntary Organisations, Sanskrit and Pali Prakrit Tols, Asom Sanskrit Board, State Selection Board, Asom etc. The Directorate is controlling the Non-Plan and Plan Budget, releasing salaries to the staff of the above mentioned Institutions, and takes decisive steps in appointment, administration etc. The Directorate is administered as per Acts & Rules of the Government notified from time to time.


The Directorate, since its inception, has been giving away scholarships to needy and meritoreous undergraduate as well as postgraduate students every year

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