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Satras are the Assamese Vaishnavite monasteries for religious practices. These great Vaishnava mon

Satras are the Assamese Vaishnavite monasteries for religious practices. These great Vaishnava monasteries were founded at the initiative of the Ahom Kings of Assam in the middle of the 17th century. Satra is an institution which motivates the minds of the people through ritual performances to realize the existence of God. They are places where the Vaishnavs dedicate themselves to serve God and also preach the followers for devotion towards God. They are also the centre of art and culture in Assam. They make the use of various ritual and devotional performances to make the mass people understand and practice the doctrine of the Vaishnavism and realize belief in one God and the means of the ultimate eternal peace.

Majuli Satra

Majuli is a river island in the midst of the river Brahmaputra in Upper Assam in India. The main satra of SriSri Auniati Satra is located in Majuli. It is situated in the western majuli, around 5 km fro the island headquarter, a small township called Kamalabari. Majuli can be reached from the main land by two prime routes – from Jorhat through Neematighat and from North Lakhimpur by Luit-Khabalughat. Luit-Khabalughat is on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra. However the preferred route is through Jorhat, the district head quarter. The road distance from Jorhat to Neemati Ghat is 14 km. There are at least two ferry services to Majuli every day, one around 10.30 a.m., the other around 2.30 p.m. Jorhat is 320 km from the state capital Dispur (Guwahati) and is connected by National Highway No.37 by road. It has also air connectivity from Kolkata and rail link to Guwahati. One can also self-drive or hire private taxi from Jorhat town and cross over on ferry or machine boat to reach the Satra by road.

North Guwahati Branch

The North Guwahati branch of SriSri Auniati Satra is situated in the North bank of the river Brahmaputra in Guwahati. It can be reached by road from Guwahati City through the bridge on Brahmaputra and is about 1 hour drive from the city centre. There is also a direct ferry service to the satra from Sukleshwar Ghat in Guwahati.

Kaliapani Branch

Kaliapani is 30 km on the National Highway No.37 east of Jorhat on way to Sivasagar. The Satra branch is situated 3 km south of Kaliapani point on the National Highway. Transport facility to the satra is available from Kaliapani (3 km) and nearest town Teok (6 km). Public and state transport facility is also available from Jorhat town to Kaliapani. One can also self-drive or hire private taxi (around 1 hr drive) from Jorhat town to reach the satra by road. The nearest airport and train station is at Jorhat.

When to visit

As far as the climate and weather conditions are concerned, the best time to travel to the Auniati Satra is October to March. This is also the best time to visit Assam. Usually, the coolest months are from November to February and the hot months are March to October. The average day temperature during this summer time ranges from 270C to 37°C and there is regular rain throughout these months. The winter months are quite pleasant during the day with average temperature of 7°C to 20°C. During December and January night temperatures falls to single digit and warm clothing is essential. Assam does not have restricted area status and only a valid Indian visa is sufficient as entry formality.


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