Assam Tea Warehousing Corporation

Assam Tea Warehousing Corporation was established 1970 to provide storage and warehousing services

Assam Tea Warehousing Corporation was established 1970 to provide storage and warehousing services. We have warehouses located at key locations in Guwahati, Assam used primarily for storage of tea and other products like FMCG and white goods.

Logistics and supply management are integral to any business, and in recent times the Indian industry has begun to acknowledge the importance of logistics and warehousing to their business. Assam Tea Warehousing Corporation in consortium with our sister company Indian Transport Agency aim to provide a complete logistics solution for its clients.

Our warehouses are located on the outskirts of the city and provide easy accessibility and reach. Equipped with modern storage systems and material handling equipment we try and incorporate all the needs of our clients.

The location of the warehouses at Beltola, Guwahati are one of its biggest advantageous providing easy reach to the city and access to the highways. The warehouses are all of solid RCC construction with a mix of single and double storied units. They are connected with wide well constructed roads and provide ample parking space for trucks.

The latest addition to our already existing 1,50,000 sq feet of warehouse space a newly constructed 50,000 sq ft warehouse. The warehouse has 2 floors and is of complete RCC contruction with a clear floor height of 12 feet.

In addition we can also provide space ideal of supermarkets, hypermarkets or big format stores. The space offered is 50000 sq ft over two floors with a floor plate of 25000 sqft.  A perspective view and floor plan is attached for your reference.

The management system at our warehouses provides our customers both flexibility and functionality to manage their operations. We are staffed with experienced personnel, ensuring the safety of the cargo and provide 24 hours security.

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