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Dr. Bhubaneswar Borooah Cancer Institute (BBCI) was set up by a voluntary organization called ‘Dr.

Dr. Bhubaneswar Borooah Cancer Institute (BBCI) was set up by a voluntary organization called ‘Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Society Trust’. Dr. Bhubaneswar Borooah (4th September 1893 – 25th September 1956) was a great physician, freedom fighter and philanthropist of Assam. In 1958 at a public meeting in Guwahati, a decision was taken to set up a cancer hospital at Guwahati to commemorate the memory of Dr. Bhubaneswar Borooah.

The Institute is located at Gopinath Nagar, Guwahati, Assam in a plot of land covering an area of 14.2 acres (43 bighas).

It is a 200-bedded Hospital at present. There is a 100 bedded guest house inside the hospital premises for ambulatory patients and their relatives. The Institute also has residential campus for the employees.

At present, there are 28 AC cabins out of which 18 are AC and 10 are non-AC cabins. There is a 8 bedded ICU which state of the art technology. The Institute has CSSD, Biomedical Waste Disposal Unit (Hydroclave System) and Hospital Laundry of its own.

A DBT Centre for Molecular Biology and Cancer Research was started in February 2010. The Institute has Population and Hospital Based Cancer Registry under National Cancer Registry Programme of Indian Council of Medical Research. It is involved in many research projects at present. Post Graduate Programmes in medical and para-medical subjects are also conducted by the Institute. Some of the courses are affiliated to Gauhati University. The Government of Assam has already issued NOC for affiliation of Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute under Srimanta Sankardeva University of Health Sciences, Assam. Inspection by team of experts from the University has been completed and the Institute is likely to be affiliated shortly. Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Dutch School of Gynaecologic Oncology and Pelvic Surgery, Netherlands to start Post Graduate Fellowship Programme in Gynaecologic Oncology. Many research papers have been published from the Institute in the international journals.

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