Assam Tea Planters Association, ATPA

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Assam Tea Planters Association


Assam Tea Planters Association

Services Rendered by the Association.
(a) Promote the Common interests of the Member Tea Estates.
(b) To assist in the procurement of Cereal Rations and other essential inputs required by the Member Tea Estates.
(c) To keep in touch with the Govt. and other authorities in matters affecting the Tea Industry and particularly the Members of the Association.
(d) To assist and advise Member Tea Estates on Labour and other matters.
(e) To ensure uniformity in garden practices amongst the Member Tea Estates.

To establish the organisation 22 Indian planters assembled at the Amolapatty Namghat, Dibrugarh, on 23rd June, 1935 at a meeting presided over by Benudhar Rajkhowa. A committee was formed at the meeting with Prasanna Kumar Barooah of Dibrugarh as Chairman, Rajani Kanta Baruah as Secretary, Rameswar Sahariya as Treasurer, Jogendra Nath Barooah as Assistant Secretary and Karmabir Nabin Chandra Bardaloi as a member. As per decision of this committee the first general meeting of the “Assam Valley Indian Planters Association” was held at Dibrugarh on 28th October, 1936. This year is now considered as the date of birth of our organisation, known today as the Assam Tea Planters’ Association or in short ATPA.

Kamakhya Ram Barooah of Guwahati presided over the 1936 meeting. At that time the Association had 79 Tea gardens as members. The meeting was attended by 48 members from different parts of the Brahmaputra Valley. Prasanna Kumar Barooah was the Chairman of the Reception Committee.

In his presidential address at the memorable meeting Prasanna Kumar Barooah declared — “It was through the exertion and initiative of late Nabin Chandra Bardaloi that this Association was launched into being in June 1935 here at Dibrugarh. Since then there was a fair response of enrolment of members but the general meeting had to be differed from time to time for one reason or other, but in the mean time it was functioning as best as it could”.

Then the first Chairman of the Association announced — “One glaring instance of its achievements was than by its persevering and insisting efforts it could secure the right to nominate a member in the panel of the Tea Cess Committee, which gentlemen, I dare say you will all rejoice to think as its first achievement”.

Deshneta Kuladhar Chaliha proposed at the meeting that the Association be named as “The Assam Valley Indian Tea Planters Association” (the word ‘tea’ was omitted earlier) and it be registered under Section 2 of the Act XXI of 1860. He also proposed that the rules formed by the Secretary be provisionally accepted. The meeting decided that the existing Executive Committee would continue and co-op the following members — Someswar Baruah of Tinsukia, Jadav Prasad Chaliha of Sibsagar, Tafazal Hussain Hazarika of Titabar and Kuladhar Chaliha of Jorhat.

A.T. Road, Tarajan
PB No- 21, Jorhat – 785001
Ph- 91 376 2371487
Fax- 91 376 2371557


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