Small things in this world which we don’t bother to know

There are some small things in this world which we don’t bother to know, or gets unnoticed, but

There are some small things in this world which we don’t bother to know, or gets unnoticed, but these are the things we should know, today I am going to share some food facts which people might know or may not know.

1) VARAKH (The silver foil used as a topping in sweets):-
We have seen the silver foils used in the production of various Indian sweet products, and have consumed a lot may be. This foil is not a vegetarian product, it’s a non veg product. Varakh is not derived from an animal source however, a crucial material of animal origin, ox-gut, is used in its manufacture. This ox-gut is obtained from the slaughterhouse. The intestine (ox-gut), smeared with blood and mucus, is pulled out from the slaughtered animal by the butcher at the slaughterhouse, and sold for the specific purpose. The foil manufacturer removes blood and stools from the intestines, and cuts them into pieces. Then the pieces are folded in a book like style and sheets of silver foil are placed between them and hammered to produce the glittering foil. (Now.. are you a vegetarian??)

Most of the people have consumed hotdogs may be, or salamis etc, here the main ingredient is the sausage, which is prepared from ground meat both beef and pork and also commonly included is pork fat and they are cased in casings traditionally made from animal intestine, like hog, sheep and cow. For thick casings cow’s intestine is used such as for salamis.

Now everyone knows about pepperoni right? Yes we all know, in fact a favorite item in the pizza menus but do you know that the pepperoni is made up of pork and beef though poultry can be added(optional). It is a spicy Italian –American variety of salami.

Though we have heard about all this before we didn’t knew the actual preparation method or don’t bother to know about it, but in actual this are the things of concern. Well I guess next time when you are out for shopping you will remember those facts….

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