Mizo cuisine,Mizoram North East Indian cuisine Food Recipe by Diganta Deka

Mizo cuisine,Mizoram North East Indian cuisine Food Recipe. Fish is the basic part of food prepared in Mizoram. People here prepare their food mainly in mustard oil.
They also like using bamboo shoots and ducks in their recipes.
Panch Phoron Taarkari and Misa Mach Poora are some of the popular Mizo dishes of Mizoram.
Dal with eggs(Daal Koni)Poora(grilled)mach(Fish)are some of the other delicious foods of Mizoram. The cuisine served here is different from the food served in other north eastern states of India. Feasting in Mizoram is indeed a treat for the those who like non-vegetarian dish.

Dishes:Poora Mach

Misa(Shrims)Mach poora

Dali Koni(Egg)

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