Top 10 useful Hot Tips for sure success in IIT -JEE Exam

Top 10 useful Hot Tips for sure success
Always start preparing from ‘Basics’ because it is really i

Top 10 useful Hot Tips for sure success
Always start preparing from ‘Basics’ because it is really important to have a good base for a right foundation.
1. Never prefer solutions of questions before giving good attempt to the question. Try to solve the problem till you exhausted, always give a second or third attempt to the problem before moving to solution page.
2. Do not leave the question in middle. Never jump from one question to another in hurry. Lots of students practice questions without attempting it fully.
3. Always try a question with Conceptual Approach, do not just read the question and start solving it without realizing the points that what is being asked in the question.
top104. Divide your time well for your preparation of boards and for your IIT-JEE. So you will not miss anything. Time management is really important to do well in this exam.
5. Always keep the syllabus with you, before preparing the new topic look at the syllabus first.
6. Always try to solve 50-60 problems on per topic or chapter, but try to solve the quality problems which need different applications and concepts to solve the problem.
7. Make your own strategy to crack the exam, rather than following others.
8. Try to learn the fundamentals of the concepts rather thanmemorizing the concepts.
9. Always practice previous year’s papers; it will give you the idea about the type of questions asked in the exam, and the level of difficulty of the questions.
10. Always remember that time is really important factor for every exam. Try to finish your paper well before time, so that you will get time to review your answers.

Which Books should I study?

This is a very important question. Here you go

1. NCERT 11th and 12th
2. HC verma
3. Arihant
1. NCERT 11th and 12th (Very very important)
2. Physical – P Bahadur
3. Organic – Arihant
4. Inorganic – P Bahadur
1. ML Khanna or RD Sharma
2. Arihant series

Which coaching institute should you go for it?

There’s no hard and fast rule that you have to join coaching. IIT-JEE can be cracked even without coaching but for that you will have to work really hard. I won’t be advertising any coaching institute here. But my advice is go for the “Most preferred coaching institute”. Search on the Google for the best coaching institute in Assam for Crash course. Even if you join coaching try not to deviate yourself from the studies and consistently focus in the class Clear or Concept of Educationsand revise the same at home or hostel.

How many hours should you study?

You need not have to study 10 hours a day. Even if you consistently study 7 hours a day it’s definitely possible to achieve the impossible. Or if you are aiming All India Rank (AIR) 1 in IIT JEE than you need to be different. For that you have to study for long hours every day with Full Concentration. Suppose of study 5 hours a day, it’s perfectly fine. But Please Fully concentrates for those 5 hours. Believe in Quality Study and not quantity.

Take an Oath

Last but not the least, take an oath, “I and IIT JEE aspirant, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully plan and execute my study plan, and will do the best of my ability try not to Procrastinate and not to waste time anymore. So help me God..”

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